5-Min Snack: Mackerel Tartine

mackerel tartine

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the taste and quality of the different types of canned and smoked fish at Trader Joe’s.  Here’s how to make a super quick tartine* with their Boneless Skinless Mackerel in Sunflower oil.  Put it together as a snack, or serve it with a side of salad or soup for a fast lunch!  All ingredients can be found at Trader Joe’s**.

*Tartine is a fancy French word for an open-faced sandwich.
**This is not a Trader Joe’s sponsored post (I wish!).

ingredients mackerel tartine

closeup mackerel tartine


Mackerel Tartine  
– 1 piece whole wheat tandoori naan
– 2 oz boneless skinless mackerel, drained
– 2 tbsp plain goat cheese
– 1 ½ tbsp fresh chives, chopped
– freshly ground black or rainbow pepper

Toast the naan in a toaster oven or toaster.  Spread goat cheese on warm bread.  Top with mackerel, chives, and black or rainbow pepper.  Enjoy!

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